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Trusted Partners

We care about our clients’ legal health and their mental health. We are recognised for our expertise in all family law matters relating to children and we are confident, therefore, that we are able to diagnose and successfully treat family legal ill health. We have Trusted Partners who are able to help with stress, depression, grief, loss and other psychological conditions caused or exacerbated by family law proceedings.

As solicitors conducting family cases and individuals who have been consumers of family legal services we understand exactly how stressful and distressing the process can be. We believe that our responsibility as both human beings and lawyers includes supporting our clients throughout their legal journeys - the highs and the lows - and seeing them safely to their destination. We can offer empathy, understanding, accessibility, sensitivity, respect and all the other things that make us decent human beings and proper professionals.

However, we are lawyers and not mediators, counsellors, therapists or mental health specialists and we are very careful not to cross the boundary between support and the need for professional intervention. So, we have established relationships with our “Trusted Partners” to ensure that when one of our clients needs professional assistance that is outside of our expertise, we are able to make a seamless referral. Some of our Trusted Partners are featured here.

Partner 1 Image

Dr Charlotte Harkness

Partner 2 Image

Elite Psychology Associates

Partner 3 Image

O'Sullivan Family Law

Partner 4 Image

Jemma Wilkinson Counselling & Psychotherapy

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