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We are specialists in all aspects of modern family law relating to children. We deliver a bespoke service to all our clients with expertise and empathy. Our main client groups are set out on this page. You may identify with more than one group - please use all the resources that you feel are relevant to you. If you can’t see what you are looking for, please contact us – we may still be able to help.

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Adoptive Parents

Married, civilly partnered, single, a step-parent, straight, non-binary, an LGBT parent, if you are applying to adopt, we are able to advise you on all aspects of the adoption law and procedure and represent you at court.

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Blended Families

There are many permutations of Blended Families, families who are not all biologically related but who nevertheless are families through kinship and love. Whatever kind of blended family you live in, we are able to advise you about the law relating to your specific situation.

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There are many ways to co-parent. Separated parents, friends, sperm or egg donor and parent or parents may all decide to bring up a child together. We can advise you about how to approach this and what you can do if problems arise.

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Foster Parents

You are the people who offer love and care to children who cannot be cared for within their own birth families. We can explain how the law relates to you, especially if you decide to make a foster child a permanent member of your family.

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Grandparents, Family & Friends

Are you caring for the child of a family member or friend? You need to know what your legal position is. We can explain how family law relates to your specific family situation.

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LGBT Parents

Surrogacy, adoption, assisted reproduction, co-parenting - the law can be complicated. We can ensure that you know your legal position and we will advise you as to how best to protect your and your family’s legal rights.

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Whatever kind of parent in whatever kind of family you are, we will be able to advise you about your legal position and to effectively protect you if anything should go wrong.

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Step Parents

Caring for or co-parenting a partner’s child? It can be a nightmare. It can be fantastically rewarding. Wherever you are at with it, we will be able to advise you.

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Surrogates & Commissioning Parents

So exciting to be on a surrogacy journey! But you need to know your legal position from the start because it can be complex and there will be some choices to make that will affect that position going forward. We can help and we will also be there for you if something goes wrong.

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Corporate Clients

We offer specialist bespoke advisory, consultancy and training services to local authorities, fertility clinics, corporate bodies and other organisations.

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