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The Modern Family Law Company is 1 Today!!

Oct 12, 2021: 

And what a year it has been!


The Modern Family Law Company is 1 Today!!


Many of our children will be attending their school Harvest Festival this week.  The festival celebrating the harvest season.  It’s one of those great occasions for our children and indeed a rites of passage, as they sing the various harvest hymns and songs, doing all of the actions in front of a packed school hall full of adoring parents and grandparents, with stage whispered ‘awwww’s’ being heard across the land. 

With an emphasis on review, renewal and giving thanks for what has been achieved, it is entirely appropriate therefore that The Modern Family Law Company’s first birthday falls this week.  We are hugely grateful for how well our first year has gone.  We can’t believe how quickly the past 12 months have gone and how much we have enjoyed this journey.  We are so hugely grateful for our team, our families, friends and supporters for endlessly inspiring us and helping us to continue to grow.

It’s been the most professionally and personally fulfilling experience we could ever have hoped for.  A few highlights being:

·       working alongside and supporting amazing children, modern families, parents and parents-to-be that have inspired us in so many ways;

·       Highlighting the absolute importance of mental health awareness and support;

·       Being genuinely and fundamentally diverse and inclusive in every aspect of what we do and the service we offer;

·       involvement with charities close to our hearts, including The OutHouse, Mermaids and The Kite Trust; 

·       Being able to devote so much of our time to probono work;

·       Providing Modern Families and the LGBTQIA community with a legal service being delivered by people living within modern families and within the LGBTQIA community themselves;

We have achieved so much over the past year and yet we know that 2021/2022 is going to be even more exciting, offering our clients new services, new ways of working and continuing to break new ground in outstanding legal service provision.  It’s with immense pride but humbled thanks, that we embark on year two, more determined than ever that we shall keep breaking those glass ceilings and keep pushing ourselves and our competitors to put inclusion and mental health at the forefront of the delivery of exceptional legal advice.   



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