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Modern Families FAQ Part 1:

Sep 28, 2021: 

We are starting a series of FAQ from clients that we feel go to the heart of modern family considerations and concerns. 


I am part of a same sex couple.  One of our friends agreed to be a sperm doner for us, so that we could try to conceive.  Having a family had always been a part of our plans as a couple.  Both my partner and I were open to carrying our baby, but it turned out I had some fertility challenges, so in the end my partner was the one who carried our child.  After the baby arrived we were so busy being parents that we didn’t do anything about making my role in our babies life formal.  So I don’t have Parental Responsibility, and now our relationship has broken down and my partner says that she doesn’t want me to see my child any more.  What can I do?



This is something that is very common.  Informal arrangements such as the situation in our scenario, are often a more affordable route for many couples.  They are very simple in nature, but the devil is in the detail.  In this instance one parent is left without parental responsibility for the child.  This means that they have no legal rights over the child and do not have a legal say in the care of that child.  There are various ways to address this, such as step parent agreements, a Child Arrangements Order or indeed adoption.  Speed may be of the essence, in which case choosing the options which will result in the quickest outcome is paramount.  You may not feel comfortable with the term ‘step-parent’, again this is very common and if that is the case then a stepparent agreement isn’t for you.   There is no one size fits all solution and the best option for you will entirely depend on what works for your family. 

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