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My 'Ex' is stopping me from seeing my children, what can I do?

Feb 10, 2021: 

If your child or children live for some or all of the time with somebody else, can that person stop you from seeing your child?  Parental disputes regarding contact or residence arrangements for children are common, but what solutions are available?

Generally speaking, where there are no safeguarding concerns, it is broadly accepted that it is in a child's best interest to have a relationship with people who have a significant role in their lives.  That being said, there is no 'right' to contact as such, even where somebody has 'parental responsibility'.  

It is always best for the adults involved to try to come to some agreement with regards the arrangements for the children concerned. This agreement should be made away from the children, but with the children's best interests of central and overriding importance. 

Coming to an agreement can be significantly challenging however, especially when the parties involved are not on the best of terms.  We often suggest to parents that involving at third party mediator at this stage can be helpful.  That person can try to assist and support the co-parents or people involved, to find a middle way, to steer clear of any emotive subjects that are not strictly relevant when considering what is best for the child/ren. 

If an agreement can't be found, then one way forward may be to make an application to the court, however that is far from the only or best option available.  The Modern Family Law Company specialist children law solicitors and are available now and able to help you find a solution.  Click here to contact us    

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