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TMFLC Mentioned In Despatches......

Oct 30, 2020

TMFLC Mentioned In Despatches......

The Modern Family Law Company featured in The Law Society Gazette!!

We are delighted that The Modern Family Law Company have today been featured in the Law Society Gazette here. 

We feel not a little proud that our ground breaking firm has been highlighted in such a well-regarded periodical, one that we ourselves have read since qualifying (many moons ago, cough, cough!!). 

We had a great interview with Catherine Baksi, who was a delight to speak to.  During the interview we discussed why we felt there was a significant gap in the market.  We explained to Catherine that we had not come across a firm who prioritised the mental health of their clients alongside their legal needs. 

The fact that there has historically been little to no pastoral care within the legal sector, for clients who are going through some of the hardest things anyone can ever face, was to us, a significant oversight that demanded revolutionary change. Enter stage right:… The Modern Family Law Company!  Breaking new ground, providing the much needed pastoral care that had been so sadly lacking. 

We are all humans at the end of the day, experiencing life and the world around us.  We acknowledge that life can take a toll at times and this is why we feel so keenly that our service needed to focus on kindness, support, motivation, inclusion. 

We wholehearted believe that our duty to our client does not end with the correct filing of papers, or a harshly worded letter to the opposing legal team.  We support our clients as individuals, families, in their parenting and life choices.  We are mindful of what they may be going through.  So we give them the tools to be resilient during the challenges that legal proceedings pose.  I feel unabashedly proud that our firm are taking a stand for mental health, and for genuine root and branch inclusion.

As the article says, its our experience that too often in the legal industry lip service is paid to inclusivity, particularly for the LGBT, BAME and disabled communities.  We won’t accept that as a status quo.  We will fight for equal treatment, we will not be silent and we will continue to push the boundaries.       

It’s a great day for us, we hope you are having one too!        

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