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The Modern Family Law Company is a virtual law firm, specialising in children law, dispute resolution, child arrangements disputes and family creation services such as surrogacy, adoption and assisted conception.  

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We stand for excellence.  For inclusivity and empowerment.  For every child, parent and family member having access to the best legal services available, from professionals who have personal experience of the law they practice. 

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In addition to the wide range of dispute resolution, children law and family creation services that we offer to individuals and families, we also offer specialist bespoke advisory, consultancy, training and speaker services to the media, charities, action groups, universities, local authorities, fertility clinics, corporate bodies and many other organisations.  Contact us for more information 

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The Modern Family Law Company remains open for business wherever you are.



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A trans man working for Amazon in New Jersey filed a law suit on 5 October 2002 alleging that after he told his employers he was pregnant he suffered harassment from other workers and was demoted. Amazon denies this. 


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In the Covid-19, post lockdown age that we are now living in, what is World Mental Health Day 2020?

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The Modern Family Law Company, a boutique family law firm specialising in all aspects of family law about children goes live on 12 October 2020

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In another article in our Modern Families FAQ series, 'When is a Final Order 'final?'', our specialist solicitors provide advice on how to deal with the situation where co-parents find themselves regularly returning to court to seek another 'final' Final Order. 


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Focusing on the experience of a single Mum, this amazingly personal and honest piece looks at the many joys and challenges for women in this position. 

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