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Sometimes when parents are involved in a dispute over children it can be hugely combative and emotionally charged.  Due to this, it can be difficult to be child focused in the difficult decisions that have to be made. 


A guide to the process of step parent adoption.


This is a very common issue that we encounter and advise upon regularly.  We also get the same question asked by the person thinking of moving: “can my ex can stop me moving away with our children?” 


Our co-parenting couple move ahead with their plans.


One of our amazing Trusted Partners Dr Charlotte Harkness has written a fantastic blog post for us this week on the subject of conversations with children when relationships break down. 

This is a very difficult area, and one that we are often asked about.  Charlotte’s blog helps parents to talk to their children about this difficult subject openly and mindfully, in a way that both child and parent can manage.



If your child or children live for some or all of the time with somebody else, can that person stop you from seeing your child?  Parental disputes regarding contact or residence arrangements for children are common, but what solutions are available?


Early days are the time for preparation and discussion


A guide to successful co-parenting




Decisions about our children's future are never easy, but, when the people with parental responsibility don't agree on what is best for the child, what happens next?


How do we become the best step parent we can be?

14.01.2021: Melissa

The answer is mind bogglingly brilliant!

21.10.2020: Deborah Baxter

Parenting, and its many facets!

12.10.2020: Deborah Baxter

Ever since I had been involved in a number of the seminal LGBT family cases, I wanted to have the legal firm that The Modern Family Law Company is. I had often talked about it but could not easily see how it could become a reality.

11.10.2020: Melissa Kelly

Well D-Day is here, The Modern Family Law Company is OPEN!! I’m so excited. We cannot wait to start positively changing the way legal services are delivered. 

I couldn’t be more proud to be working alongside Deborah, an outstanding lawyer of our time, somebody who I have personally learnt so much from and who never fails to inspire me. 

I can’t wait to start working with our clients to help them achieve their goals, safe in the knowledge that our Trusted Partners will be on hand to give pastoral care to ensure their mental wellbeing. 

To our future clients, we cant wait to work with you!

This is only the beginning...

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