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The Modern Family Law Company is a virtual law firm, specialising in children law, child arrangements disputes and family creation services such as surrogacy, adoption and assisted conception.  

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We stand for excellence.  For inclusivity and empowerment.  For every child, parent and family member having access to the best legal services available, from professionals who have personal experience of the law they practice. 

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In addition to the wide range of children law and family creation services that we offer to individuals and families, we also offer specialist bespoke advisory, consultancy, training and speaker services to the media, charities, action groups, universities, local authorities, fertility clinics, corporate bodies and many other organisations.  Media enquiries are directed to our designated email address.

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With the anti vaccination lobby shouting ever louder, what will the Courts response be?

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The Modern Family Law Company featured in The Law Society Gazette!!

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The rainbow flag is a symbol of LGBTQ+ Pride and has been since the 1970s. But we should be proud of the NHS as well!

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This is a question that parents often ask us.  It may be the case that children are expressing differing wishes and thoughts about where they wish to live and with whom. 


Where there are significant problems at home, local authorities can place children with members of that child's family.  But what happens next?


Our Trusted Partner Jemma Wilkinson, of Jemma Wilkinson Therapy (, has written a piece for us about what it means to be a transgender youth.  


At the close of this Lesbian Visibility Week we want to highlight an inspirational lesbian who is one of the founding owners of The Modern Family Law Company: Deborah Baxter. 


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